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Nurses should not participate in executions by lethal injection 21-02-2017

In some US states, prisoners condemned to die are killed using lethal injections... Nurses are often present, but do they really need to be present?

"One By Nine": Doctors wary of SA Health's hospital discharge campaign 21-02-2017

The doctors' union has warned that a campaign to speed up the rate at which patients are sent home from the three Adelaide hospitals could threaten patient safety.

Murdoch University in partnership to develop community nursing model for neurological care 21-02-2017

MURDOCH University has partnered with the Neurological Council of WA (NCWA) to further develop a best-practice community nursing model for neurological care in Perth.

Vivian Bullwinkel, the Bangka Island massacre and the guilt of the survivor 19-02-2017

NURSE VIVIAN BULLWINKEL'S survivor guilt gnawed at her brain and heart even more than the Japanese bullet that shot right through her body.

Woman raped repeatedly by student nurse working as her carer, Brisbane court told 13-02-2017

A 21-year-old male nursing student from Kenya repeatedly raped, assaulted and threatened a woman in his care between July and November last year, a Brisbane court has heard.

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