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Certificate III in individual support ( Aged care )

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Author Certificate III in individual support ( Aged care )



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Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:07 pm

Hi all,

I have just started my Certificate III in individual support ( Aged care ). I haven't studied in 12 years and am currently 18 months into maternity leave so my brain is currently out of action.

I am doing my first assessment on Mrs Salakis. I don't even know where to start or how to start my assessment.

Any help would be appreciated. I need to get this brain into action. I am unsure of how to word it and even recognising the answers is a bit of a struggle.

Case study Mrs Salakas is an 84 year-old woman who has been diagnosed with diabetes and osteoporosis. Mrs Salakas originally migrated to Australia from Greece 40 years ago. She is a widow and currently lives with her daughter and granddaughter in an apartment that is accessed by two flights of stairs. The daughter works full-time and is the primary income earner supporting the family. Mrs Salakas has difficulty with mobility. She rarely leaves the apartment because of the difficulties she experiences with stairs and has lost contact with other members of the local Greek community. She speaks Greek fluently and has maintained her skill in cooking traditional Greek meals. a) Identify and describe at least two (2) strengths for Mrs Salakas. 
b) List the issues that potentially limit Mrs Salakas’ independence. 
c) Would Mrs Salakas be eligible to receive a Commonwealth Home Support service? 
d) Identify and name a Community Service which could assist Mrs Salakas to maintain her independence and enhance her quality of life and describe how this service could support Mrs Salakas to improve her quality of life in a culturally appropriate manner.