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I am a private carer

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Author I am a private carer



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Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:03 pm

Hello everyone

It's great to see this wonderful nursing community online!

I have been working as a registered nurse for 10 years and nursing generally for 25 years and I love it.

I especially like private nursing and i'm looking for some extra work at the moment

Looking forward to making some new friends here, if you're from Sydney I may already know you.


Sada 0422 425 744



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Jun 21, 2016, 04:20 am

It is nice to meet you.  I really enjoy nursing myself as well.  I have been in the nursing field for about 16 years.  I did geriatric skilled nursing and then I did school nursing.  I liked both very much; especially school nursing.  Private duty nursing is a great way for a career because you are working with your client and helping them.  You usually do not have a lot of patients to see; unless it is a big facility and the nurse to patient ratio is really big.  You can do an internet search on finding out where the jobs for private duty nursing are located in your area.  You can also look into your newspaper or community news boards for private duty nursing jobs.  I wish you the best.  Purplespider, CNA



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Jul 05, 2016, 09:21 am

Thank you so very much for telling us about your career as a nurse.  I am sure that it has been a wonderful career and a rewarding one too.  I have a few friends who are nurses and they also did private duty nursing.  They said that they really enjoyed doing the private duty nursing aspect.  If you are looking for a job as a private duty nurse, I would look online through the job search engines and type "private duty nursing" in the search engine blank.  A few job search engines that are well known are craigslist and monster.  Thank you and I wish you the best.