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EN in pediatrics / placement

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Author EN in pediatrics / placement



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Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:12 am

Hi all, 

I am planning to study the Diploma Of Nursing next year. From what Ive seen here and online EN's are not sent into Pediatrics for placement. There is a subject unit in my course focused primarily on mothers and babies and I was wondering if any other EN's had the opportunity to complete a placement in Pediatrics/NICU/neonatal ?

I have recently finished my course as an AIN in Aged Care so I would love to try a different route for my next placement. 

Granted teachers and coordinators cant produce miracles, do you think if they were aware of the students future goals the student and teachers could try find a opportunity with a local hospital?

 I acknowledge RNs studying a lot longer and taking more units, so I believe they have a placement allocated to Pediatrics, but Im wondering about EN's and if their placements are allocated only to aged care, mental health, and community. 

My local Children's hospital is looking for ENs to work in these areas and I wonder if it is at all possible for an EN Student to do a placement there. Of course, the best bet to finding an answer would be to ask your teachers/ placement coordinators / and the hospital. 

Id love to know your experiences. X-D



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Feb 05, 2017, 03:23 pm

The local TAFE here back in 2011 was placing students for their paeds placement at a childcare centre (I kid you not!).  I have since heard they have pulled the paeds placement all together.  Also the major paeds hospital in this state has stopped taking graduate ENs and instead, if they want to apply they have to have had at least 1 year of experience in adults.  It's the same for doctors and has been for them for quite a long time (can't do your internship in a peads hospital). If you ask around and see if you can organise your own placement, you might be lucky.  

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