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Why do you love being a nurse?

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Author Why do you love being a nurse?




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Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:11 am

A few years ago, I cared for the mother of a child who had died after their car was involved in an accident. He was, quite simply, her reason for living. And he was gone. I cried with her, her grief was overwhelming. She rang the department just over a year later. She had, she told me, met someone and had just given birth to a baby boy.
How many other jobs allow us to be so closely involved in the best and worse times of someone's life?
More recently, I was performing chest compressions on a child in cardiac arrest. We paused to check the rhythm. It was a shockable rhythm - relatively rare in a child. 'If I was teaching this, we'd shock that'
The defibrillator charged, the shock delivered. With my hands placed, once again, on the child's chest, I felt the heart start to thud.
I may not be the most well-paid, the hours can be tough, we see awful things sometimes, I have been punched, kicked, spat on and abused. But these moments, these precious moments of success and, sometimes, hope, make me love my job.



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Dec 13, 2016, 02:03 am

What a beautiful story that you have written about being a nurse.  It is so true that this job as a nurse is so hard, but you painted a beautiful picture of it.  I have too had the experiences that you have had and it is a wonderful thing to have experienced such a great thing.  Nursing is a hard job and profession, but it is a rewarding one as well.  I was a teacher too and it too is a hard, but rewarding profession.  I was a teacher for about 10 years.  Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us and thank you also for writing such a powerful story.  

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