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Bachelor of Nursing at CDU or UniSA

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Author Bachelor of Nursing at CDU or UniSA



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Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:11 pm

Hi all!

I am currently studying the Bachelor of Social Work at Charles Darwin University (CDU) externally, from Adelaide. However, as I progress through the degree I begin to realise that my heart is not in social work anymore. I am currently working as a Personal Care Worker for a large aged care facility, and I find nursing REALLY interesting and rewarding. Therefore, I am considering the move from my social work degree to the external nursing course at either CDU or UNISA.

I am looking for people's experiences (good or bad) with the Bachelor of Nursing (externally) at both CDU and UNISA. Also, if possible I would welcome any comparisons between the two universities.





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Nov 15, 2016, 03:23 am

  • I really enjoyed reading about your discussion post.  Nursing is a rewarding field.  It is great to see people turn to nursing and take classes in nursing when they find out that nurses do a lot of interesting things.  Nursing has a lot of great potential into becoming a great career for many people.  You can choose to do direct care and you can also choose to be a researcher and not be in direct patient care as well. Nursing opens doors for a lot of people.  I have not been to those Universities that you mentioned in your discussion forum postings, but if you need more information you can look them up via online and on their own websites.  It is good that you have social work experience as well because nurses need a good background in social work too.  Good luck to you and I hope that you do well in your nursing classes.

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