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Buddying new staff

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Author Buddying new staff



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Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:01 pm

I am interested to know if you have had experience buddying new staff in your work place? Were you 'thrown in at the deep end' or did your facility management educate and support you in your role as a buddy for new staff? Was your experience of being a buddy good or bad? What education or support would have helped you be a better buddy? Thanx




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Jun 14, 2011, 02:18 pm

Hello Eml

A person on a buddy shift should always have another nurse guiding her or him and showing them how to do things properly. Also how to communicate with a resident. At most nursing homes. ,management rings in for people who have applied on an earlier date and use them as buddies without calling Agency Nurses to cut down on costs. This is a new thing that is going on in most nursing homes. chances are they may not employ you after afew buddy shifts because once the permenant staff memeber is back you wont hear from them again. Many of my friends were called in to do buddy shifts but never heard from them again. Usually their dates and times are very specific just so that you will cover an absent staff members shift. Alot of nurshing homes are also employing students and they use these students (poor things) to do all their hard work. So be careful. I h ave seen alot of terrible things going on in nursing homes and am continously astonished at the level of care these poor old people receive because of greedy Employers trying to cut costs.


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