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Part time community care role while studying Diploma of Nursing and after gaining Cert III Aged Care

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Author Part time community care role while studying Diploma of Nursing and after gaining Cert III Aged Care



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Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:07 am


I'm finally now signed up a Diploma of Nursing course commencing Jan 2011. At the moment I'm living in (at the moment very sunny) London working in a completely different field as a senior manager for an international company. I can't wait to arrive in Brisbane and start my course! Before coming starting my Diploma of Nursing I'm going to be studying for a Certifcate III in Aged Care Work which will hopefully get me back in to the swing of study (I'm 35 for its been a while) and help me with a little more background knowledge.

I've got a couple of questions which I'd be really grateful if you can help by answering....

1.) After completing my Certificate III Aged Care Work course and while studying for my Diploma of Nursing I'd like to work part time in the field I so look forward to working in, that being aged care. Do you think its feasible to find a jpart time job in an elderly care home or community care role while I study?
2.) Is the Certificate III Aged Care work enough to help me gain a part time position in a care home/community care role?
3.) Do you know of many male AIN/Aged Care workers - I''d be really interested in your thoughts on the role of men in this field?

Hope to hear from you and thanks for your help.




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Aug 26, 2013, 04:13 pm

Hi Moonbeam,

I have just completed my graduate nursing program and I know of many nurses who worked as a carer in aged care whilst studying.  Yes you do need to do the cert III in aged care and there are many part time positions. There are also AIN jobs in hospitals which may be another option and handy to see what RN do in there day to day duties.  Good Luck:-)



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Mar 05, 2014, 10:58 pm

My daughter who is a graduate nurse and after her studies she work's in a adult home care service more than year. Now she is Canada doing her master's in nursing. Even though she always tell like the experience that she got from that home care center really helped her to become a