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Nursing subjects through online learning

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Author Nursing subjects through online learning



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Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:10 pm

Hi I am an Nurse Educator and currently doing a Grad Cert in teaching through Uni. It is an online course and I am relating it specifically to nursing and subjects that can completed online. I would love some feedback from any nurses how they would feel about doing online, what are the positives and negatives that they can see. I am finding doing teaching challenging, and nursing being more hands on I would be interested in perspectives!!  



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Jul 13, 2014, 10:27 pm

I did a non nursing degree almost 100% online and found it great. I was very very motivated and kept on top of things however. So if that area you think might be a challenge doing it yourself, then maybe rethink. It would be easy to drop out if things were not going so well.

I also did a (nursing) graduate short course through Uni SA many years ago online and it was pretty good. I do recall however really missing the mark with my first assignment and being surprised I wasn't on the right track (especially since I had done almost a whole degree online previously without any such surprise). Possibly would not have had this issue with the 1st assignment with face to face?

You will miss networking directly with peers doing online. However I wouldn't think twice about doing another online uni course. It suits me.



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Jul 22, 2014, 09:57 am

I done one year of a four year uni degree online and let me tell you, it was tough! I have learned that I thrive more in a learning environment with other peers.

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