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What cert111 should I consider as I want to go on and do EN

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Author What cert111 should I consider as I want to go on and do EN



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Sat Sep 27, 2014 4:09 pm

Hi, I'm 53 care worker in need of qualifications. I've worked in Aged Care and Disability. I've been the primary carer of my elderly parents for a few years now so I've been out of work force on pension caring for them, kept them from going into care, dad died (at home) I'm proud to say.. So I'm just caring for mum now, she's 92 with a list of issues and I can't leave her alone for long hours. I'm going to do online course for my cert 111 as I'll need it when I finally do re join workforce. I want to be EN and first need cert 111 for entry.. I believe.. Should I consider doing it in just aged care or would I be wiser to do Cert 111 in Health Service Assistance?. Problem with online info is it's all about promoting the courses,, I need advice on which course, path way to take as my aim is nursing. Any ideas, love some input. Tar Patricia-KIM



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May 04, 2015, 09:34 pm

Hi, How are you going with the Cert. III?

All fairly similar if your end goal is Nursing anyway.. ... AIN/PCA/HACC. The experience of caring for your aged parents and your father's end of life palliative life skills might very well put you in line for some recognition of prior learning (RPL) with an exam or two attached.

Let us know how you got on..