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I want to be a rural/remote nurse

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Author I want to be a rural/remote nurse



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Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:04 pm

Hi Folks

I'm in my first year of a nursing degree at Charles Darwin University. I am doing this degree so that I can eventually become a rural/remote nurse, preferably something that involves a lot of flying.

You'd think that studying at CDU would set me up for an excellent start towards my goal but I have been warned off doing the remote elective as the placements are so bad?????

This was ultimatly why I moved to Darwin to study and thus I am a little annoyed but never mid, I'm on my way.

I will be heading down to Brisbane after I complete my degree and was wondering how I would go about obtaining my goal. Is there any specific things I should do. I saw there was a masters in Aviation nursing. While that sounds interesting a masters is many years away at the present. Is competition high for these types of roles. Once qualified what should I do to give me the best possible chance of getting there. I'm guessing emergency, trauma, or critical (or all of them).

What do those in the know think?



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Apr 27, 2010, 11:28 am

Hi, to become a remote nurse you will need to do CRANA courses. Look up the CRANA website.
Take no notice of the placement rubbish, they are what you make of them and if you are wanting to be a remote nurse, then this is going to be your work environment..
If you want to be a nurse with the RFDS, they require you to also be a midwife.