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Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:03 am

Nursing Communication Tools (AIDET); Handover Tool – ISBAR (SBAR, ISOBAR); Patient Written Notes – SOAP (SOAPIE) 

- Choose one of the above nursing communication tools. 

In 100 – 200 words, say why the nursing communication tool helps to improve communication. In this paragraph, include two barriers that would negatively impact this tool and two facilitators that would enhance the effectiveness of this tool. 

· AIDET communication tool 

Refer to Reading 3: Rosina, R., & Fraser, J., (2014). Psychosocial development and response to illness. In J. Fraser, D. Waters, E. M. Forster, & N. Brown, Paediatric nursing in Australia: Principles for practice (pp. 49-76). Port Melbourne, Victoria: Cambridge University Press. 51-68. 

- Describe how your communication would be, when caring for a male child aged 10 years old, called Jack. Detail this communication using the AIDET tool. 

3. Planning Assignment 1 

Write a draft thesis statement for Assignment 1 (one sentence) that clearly identifies the scenario and the nursing concept/s and communication framework/s you will use in Assignment 1. 

Write a 200-300 word paragraph using Stage 3 of Gibbs Reflective Cycle – Evaluation where you evaluate the scenario you selected to write about in Assignment 1. Make sure the first sentence in the paragraph provides the main point for the paragraph.



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