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Updating NurseCentral Site

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Author Updating NurseCentral Site



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Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:04 pm

Hi NurseCentralians,

You are probably noticing a few changes to the NurseCentral website starting to appear. Primarily, we are updating the software that we are running the site on and also working to reinvigorate the site a bit, and make it more useful to Australian nurses and midwives.

The Gold Key Membership approach of paying members has not been successful, so we are scrapping that and giving all members full access to the features of the site. As the primary source of financial support for the site comes from advertising, we have updated the advertising engine, and we may offer a paid ad free version in the future.

We have updated the forum to include a Private Messaging function and we will provide some further information on that a bit later on.

There are also a few other changes we will make over the coming days, weeks and months and will discuss those as we go along.

If there are suggestions you have about how we can make the site better and attract more nurses to it, feel free to add your ideas here.

You need to be logged in to get access to the forums. You can do so here