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Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:06 pm

Hi everyone, I have recently quit my FT management job in hospitality to enroll in the Dip of Nursing at Tafe QLD.  Its pretty daunting but I'm excited.

Its going to be tough working part time or casually as well as study and classroom time.  I thought maybe joining a Nursing Agency would be a good idea to work around the course.  Does anyone have any experience with agency work whilst studying?  I don't have a cert III so finding work in Aged Care or AIN might be difficult - has anyone got advice?




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Aug 16, 2017, 03:44 pm

Hi roiroi, 

You maybe able to work as an AIN after completing 6 months full-time study as an EN in Queensland.  You will need to check this though it may have changed since I did my EN's (I finished in 2014). I know a couple of friends that did after doing their first placement which was aged care.  I would suggest that you get a casual job in hospitality.  It is what you know and it would be easy for you to do (a no brainer) while studying without having to worry about learning a new job and studying.  Hospitality may not be your thing now but it will pay the bills and allow you to live.  I personally stayed in my retail assistant's job until I could get an EN job.    

Best of Luck, 


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