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help with assessment please

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Author help with assessment please



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Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:06 pm

ive done some research 

here is the question i just dont know how to put it all in words like that can help people

What information would you be able to provide regarding relevant support services? The Australian centre for grief and bereavement 

how would i put this in words please

You can get information pamphlet posted to you or Leon and a telephone number. For the group.leon has to make the first contact as the people on phone said so 

The names of group that would help Leon

,the location of the groups that is in Leon’s area

  How the service works

How to contact them. If they have interrupters for different languages

What is the cost.

Free call number. Fax put forward ideas and strategiesto help you cope.




If someone else can go with Leon.

If someone else could talk on Leon's behalf

 if you need a referral .

If they come to your house if they have transport


What they do to help .

Support groups.

Community groups.

Group programs


You could supply phone numbers

You could print information off the internet about the services that could be helpful Grief support services provide  counselling, support and education to bereaved individuals

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