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Professional Isolation

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Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:08 am

Hi, Darren . Would like to suggest that maybe this site could become a "meeting place" for those of us who find community nursing rather isolated professionally, particularly whilst the ANF Community Forum is inactive. Guess the reason for this is the lack of time to travel to physically meet with others. How about having a specific subject to discuss each month? How about the new delegation standard as a start. Let me know your thoughts.



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Aug 08, 2005, 11:13 am

Hi ljfost,

Welcome to NurseCentral and I think your suggestion is a great one.

My intention for NurseCentral is that it becomes the preferred virtual meeting place for nurses around Australia, particularly for those who are looking for support, professional debate and collegiality beyond their own workplace.

I would certainly encourage you and other nurses to commence themed discussions about issues that are relevant or of concern to you. I will certainly support those by promoting them through the Handover Newsletter once we get that feature functioning properly. I certainly hope that the NurseCentral forums become a source of support, collegiality and friendship for nurses all over the place.



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Nov 08, 2007, 04:30 pm

Hi Darren,
at last I've found my new (albeit) virtual home away from home... i think your vision is spot on! I work in a brilliant environment where collegial generosity is the culture... it wasn't always this way (I know I have been there since 1994- but in the role as CNE for almost 2 years) but the support from management and staff is remarkable. I say remarkable because when I speak to peers in various other settings; academia, community and hospital the culture is very different... but I know change is possible and I think CoP is an excellent way of supporting nurses from many areas.
I have a lot of questions... how did you set this up? How long has it been established... and why haven't I found it before???
Have you considered looking at a forum for technology in nurse teaching?.... or providing opportunities for publishing? Have you considered a reciprocal link with ANTS?



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Aug 03, 2009, 07:36 pm

Hi I am a community nurse in such as I am an agency nurse AIN and travel from people's places to do my nursing. I love to not have a boss breathing down my neck and also to have a bit of responsibility in my decisions. Cheers Cathy

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