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Bachelor of Midwifery at ACU or Dual Degree at Monash?

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Author Bachelor of Midwifery at ACU or Dual Degree at Monash?



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Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:07 pm

Hi,  Just wondering if I could get some updated advice from nurses, midwives and educators regarding working as a midwife now days.

I have just turned 40 and need to get back in the workforce after having my children who are nearly all off to school.  I am pretty passionate about becoming a midwife, however after all the research I have done so far, I'm now getting confused as to which way to go about it.

I am aware that I would need to do the Diploma of Nursing initially to gain entry into BMid or Nursing or the double degree Nursing/Mid.

Considering I want to be a midwife, should I head down the BMid path at ACU, or would I be better off doing the dual degree?

Also, to become a Maternal Child Health Nurse, is it correct that you have to be a RN and have Midwifery?

Am I more likely to get a job in Mid with the dual degree, or does it make no difference?

I have noticed that Monash and some other unis have ditched the BMid, and are only doing dual.  Is this an indication do you think of the need to do a dual degree?

If I did do the Div 2 Nursing, then BMid, what would I then be required to do to be Div 1 Nurse too?

Thanks for any comments in advance.....



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Jul 15, 2013, 11:19 am

Hi muming I've just sent you a pm

You're just like me except my kids arnt at school yet but I'm trying to figure out the best way of getting to my goal of becoming a mchn. I believe you do have to become an rn first then do your post grad mid course then after that you'll need to complete a course through rmit or Latrobe to become a mchn! Lots of study involved but I believe that if you have enough passion and dedication towards your end goal then you'll succeed! 

I'm looking at doing the diploma of nursing through tafe so I can get a bit more of an idea of the health industry, work for a year or so then apply for the Bach of nursing or even the double degree through Monash. I'm not sure if by doing the double degree you can become a mchn I think this is something I'll have to look into later as more and more people are graduating with their Bach of mid so wouldn't it change in the future to employ them as mchn's? 

Good luck I hope things work out for you



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Feb 21, 2014, 12:19 pm


I'm on the same path, following a passion to become a Midwife. So thought I would pass on the information I have acquired, though its not much.

As a mature age student with no degree or experience in the health industry I decided to get some advice. After talking to every uni in VIC that had midwifery course I mostly heard 'do what you think is best, good on you for trying', which was frankly not very helpful. Finally someone from LaTrobe gave me some real, and helpful, information.
Complete a Diploma of Nursing (preferably with at least a credit average), then go on to do the Bachelor of Nursing Div 2 conversion which will take 2 years not 3. Upon completion of the degree you need to work for a year and then apply for a postgraduate diploma in Midwifery Science.

You may already have heard all that, but I wanted to try and help.

I'm starting my Diploma next week, so I have miles to go but I'm on my way.

Good Luck :)

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