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Being Proactive to get equipment.

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Author Being Proactive to get equipment.



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Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:04 pm

Hi. I work in a major tertiary centre Birthing unit and deal with many high risk women that require continuous CTG monitoring. We have 10 Birthing unit rooms and 1 exam room and currently have only 7 CTG machines of which only one has cordless capabilities and can be very temperamental. SO when it is busy and that has been often of late we find ourselves pulling machines from one room to another.

When speaking with friends that work at other high risk tertiary birthing units in other NSW hospitals they have a CTG machine in each room and some have cordless CTG machines in every room.

My current acting MUM does not seem to realise the importance of having an essential  CTG machine in every room and when the topic is brought up she tells us they are on order which I have heard for the past 8 months and to be honest I am sick of whinging and complaining and feeling powerless.

So my goal is to get 5 top quality cordless CTG machines in our birthing unit for the benefit of the women and babies. Now I am wondering if other people have found themselves in similar situations and if so what did you do? I have heard of working parties but don't really know the details of how to put one together and how they work.

Any info or advice would be much appreciated.



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Apr 25, 2017, 07:22 pm

You are rightly doing it, every room should have CTG. If i were there i will raise voice within communities and go for raising funds via public and organizations to make it true

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