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Advice regarded nursing in rural/isolated communities

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Author Advice regarded nursing in rural/isolated communities



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Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:09 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm seeking advice regardin working in isolated areas. I ,along with my husband, two boys (aged 9 and 11) and a couple of dogs, are considering selling up and going on a 12 month (or more) adventure to Northern Territory, northern Western Australia and western Queensland. We currently reside in Tasmania. I am a Registered Nurse with emergency and critical care experience. I am seeking advice from people who have done a similar thing. What is the best way to do this? What is the best way to gain employment and where are the best places to go? I need to consider schools for my children and good fishing holes for my husband. Any advice is appreciated, cheers KT



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Nov 08, 2009, 06:32 pm

I can't talk about what might be a good place to nurse - because I'm a student nurse at best.

But if you want good schools and good fishing holes - and the tropics - I'd suggest northern WA - maybe Dampier or Karratha. Avoid Tom Price, Roebourne etc as they are not going to give you the schools you want. With the experience you have you can probably get a pretty good job with a mining company in the mining towns up there - Dampier is ALL owned by I think it's BHP - and on the coast - great for your swimming, fishing etc and the kids will be surrounded by other mining families (rather than the very rough outback nomads). You'll probably get accommodation included (you'd want to ask for it to be part of your package if you can - accommodation up there is expensive due to high wages etc) and electricity subsidies (because you WILL run that air con alllll spring summer and autumn :P) and there is still shops and such. You might even be able to swing a deal where you can head off bush as a community program for a few days or weeks at a time with the outback stations etc

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