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young female nurses and male patient nudity

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Author young female nurses and male patient nudity



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May 27, 2008, 06:01 pm

JF, being offensive (calling nurses "bitter old women") to the very people you asked the question to is probably not the best approach, dude.

You seem surprised at the tone of everyone's replies, but what exactly do you expect if you say things like "so i thought they had carers or people with no degrees to do this not the nurses" (to quote you directly).

Along with several other posters, I really don't think you have an accurate perception of what being in a hospital is like.

You say "my main issue is how the patient sees it and being on the gold coast i know there are a lot of disrespectful guys." You have already had several honest replies: it happens that patients can behave inappropriately sometimes but not nearly as often as you seem to think, and as another poster has said, it's not usually your younger male patients anyway.

You say "but the other thing that bothers me is that seeing so many naked males may make her then look at myself and just see just another penis or just another naked guy", and again several posters have addressed what they think of that remark, yet you seem to refuse to accept that for the vast majority of nurses, attending to the needs of ill people, naked or not, has nothing to do with how they see their partner in an intimate way.

In your last post, you said "i was asking for information not your judgment or opinions on how i should run my life or relationship. " But you did ask how showering patients affects relationships, so really if you did not want opinions, why post something asking for opinions?

I'm not wanting to be disrespectful in the slightest, but you most certainly have been rather disrespectful.

From an outsider's perspective, your remarks can come across as insecure, so don't blame others for the very questions you decided to post here.

Perhaps you should be more careful of how you express yourself.

Best of luck to your GF, whatever career she pursues, and I hope you've at least learned a bit about how nurses work - as professionals.



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May 30, 2008, 04:10 pm

Please, we are not 'bitter old women', we are wondering why your gf isn't posting. Firstly, how old do you think some of us are? Secondly, men can be nurses as well, and this particular job could actually be more embarrassing for a male patient than a female nurse caring for him.

A young man who requires care who cannot do it himself is probably more likely to be embarrassed than an older man. Put yourself in his place.

If a nurse is harrassed, there are usually procedures to deal with this. Firstly, we tell the patient it is not appropriate behaviour. If we cannot, for any reason, handle it, then it is not our fault. We can approach other staff members to help us, report it to the nurse manager, and to the doctors caring for the patient. Security can also be called. A nurse who is harrassed in this way, has the legal right to charge the person, just as if she were treated this way in any other job, or if she was harrassed on the street. The law is the same for everyone.

From a student's point of view, she will receive more protection than most. She should have a buddy/preceptor close by. The patient will be told that she is a student, and they usually treat students with more respect. She will also have a clinical supervisor.

If your gf is still concerned with this issue, you should tell her not to do the practicuum. It doesn't make sense. I'm still wondering, why is she not willing to talk to us?



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Aug 10, 2008, 09:22 pm

I suggest she get out now if she doesnt want to be a nurse. There is no point doing the placement. You have to expect that somewhere along the line as a nurse you will have to shower or toilet someone or even give them a bed bath! Beleive me the last thing I am thinking of when showering someone is my sex life or my partners penis! Its all about keeping the patients dignity and treating them with respect.

If you arent prepared to do any of that then you are in the wrong profession. It takes a certain person to be a nurse. If you arent passionate about it, then do something else. There are plenty of other medical type jobs she could do, perhaps look into that.



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Aug 16, 2008, 02:45 pm

Interestingly i had to do full nursing cares the other week for this young guy who broke both wrists etc MVA. He said several times when i was sponging him that he was sorry for making me having to wash him and how its awkward for him. I said no need to apologise, yes it is uncomfortable, but it has to be done and younger pple get more embarrashed than other pple, especailly when the nurse is a similar age.



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Aug 20, 2008, 04:06 pm

I'm a 19 year old nursing student. I haven't been on placement yet, but I have been working as a personal care assistant to gain some experience and make a living while I study. I have a boyfriend, and I wouldn't say my career choice has affected my love life in the slightest. I have washed males, both older men in nursing homes and younger men with disabilities. I can't recall any of them being inappropriate. I can only actually recall 2 times when men have attempted to be inappropriate, both were when I was asking what they wanted, so no nudity involved. Both were older men too.

It is all a matter of context, presumably you are in a sexual relationship with your girlfriend, a very different context to a nurse/patient relationship. Don't stress about it. I don't mean to be judgemental, but if, and that's only an if, this is an issue that affects your relationship then it's probably not a healthy relationship for either of you. Otherwise, just be supportive of whatever she wants to do, whether that's to be a nurse or to leave the profession. I second the earlier post about the number of options out there for nurses though. If she's uncomfortable with showering adult men, there's always midwifery or peadiatrics, or even clinics, bloodbank etc.

Hope this helps and doesn't offend :)



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Sep 07, 2017, 09:44 pm

It's a legit concern. At least 40% of the time when washing men's genitals they become erect. In rare cases will ejaculate. Nurses are human-it can be arousing for both parties although the nurse will not show it.

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