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ACU or La Trobe pathway for Nursing?

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Author ACU or La Trobe pathway for Nursing?



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Thu Jan 14, 2021 11:01 am

Hi guys,

I was hoping to get some opinions on which university to go with for Nursing in Australia.

I am 23 years old and working during my studies is a very high priority.

I was recently enrolled with ACU college for the Diploma of Nursing. They ended up decided to shut down the college (I assume due to Covid) and I ended up having to leave after only a few months of being in the course.

I have received 2 offers:

  1. One from the Diploma of Health Sciences at La Trobe college - it lasts for 1 year and will allow me entry into the 2nd year of nursing at La Trobe University (if I keep my WAM high). I also have credits for 4 of the core subjects, leaving me only 2 core subjects and 2 electives to complete.
    The diploma will not offer placement, I will only be undertaking placement after I enter the 2nd year of Nursing.
    I will be able to work many hours for most of the year this year if I take this option.
  2. The second from ACU for a bachelor of Nursing. I have no credits for any classes.
    Already guaranteed a bachelor, working may or may not be difficult to handle. Placement delivered every year so more experience gained.

I know ACU has great reputation for Nursing but after what happened with the college I'm a little fearful things might go downhill again.
It would be nice to have a diploma as well as a bachelor - however its usefulness is questionable as I haven't been able to find many jobs that desire it. It also costs a great deal more compared to the ACU bachelor.

I am completely confused. If anyone could share their thoughts I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks heaps!

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